Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might be wondering what exactly is SEO? Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization. In laymen terms it simply means making your web pages more search engine friendly. Given all things equal, and your content is equally as informative and the same length as a competitors page, the one that is better search engine optimized is going to be more visible to your customers.

SEO is pretty much a good old fashioned popularity contest when it comes down to it. The only problem is the rules are constantly changing and no two search engines use the same exact criteria for ranking.

If you are a local small business, and you service or sell things directly to your community, then local SEO services would entail getting your business ranked using geo-targeted methods like mixing in the keywords that are relative to your business with the City or Cities in which your business is located. The best SEO services encompass geo targeting and broad phrase matching for the generic terms of your business with and without the cities in the keywords. Any good SEO company will tell you, that a mixture of both is good for your business.

Our team will devote many hours to examining your market and work to get you the best results that we can based on the content of your pages.

SEO Services

  • Optimize Pages for SEO
  • Increase Page Relevancy
  • Analyze Industry Competition
  • Frequent Submissions / Updates

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Jennifer Billings - Family Reunion

I needed invitations for our family reunion. Your staff were wonderful to work with and everyone commented on how much they liked the invitations.

Mike Murphy - Torpex Racing

We knew we should use social media to market our team but until we worked with Guildernet we didnt know how easy and effective the process could be.

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